Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally Back!

Wow - it's been awhile since I was on here. A LOT has happened in the past month. Hubby started 2nd shift, we got a house, the kids started school, we got a house, the kids started soccer, we got a house, Kodi started tennis, and did I mention we got a house?! It's not a house that everyone will love - the floor plan is a little different. I posted pictures on August 8 - that's the house. Some will think it's too small, but it's JUST RIGHT for us. We love it. You know the best thing? All the kids can walk/ride bikes to school. 2 minutes walking to Deklan's school. 15 minutes to Hayleigh's school and 15-20 minutes to Kodi's school - walking. Riding bikes... not as long. Of course in bad weather I'll still drive them. 5 minutes there and back isn't so bad either. I'm loving it! (I sound like the McDonald's commercial.)

I have three kids in three different schools. Not bad since two of the three can walk to school. All three of my kids are playing soccer - some during the same times and different locations. Tomorrow is when games start. Kodi's team will not play because of volleyball tournament that was already scheduled and half her team is on the volleyball team too. Hayleigh's team will play in one region across town and Deklan's team in another on the other side of town - neither in our region. This should be fun. :) Good thing Daddy doesn't work weekends anymore - too bad he doesn't get home until 2:30 a.m. and will have to get up and go early.

Kodi is playing tennis now (and doing very well). She's had three sets of matches so far - won the first two 6-0, lost the last matches 6-2/6-0. But she loves it and that's great.

You know what else is great? The kids have friends in the neighborhood that they can actually hang out with. Last week the girls walked to the football game at the school. They walk to school with their friends. There is a family across the street with two older girls and one boy - just like us. The boys are outside playing right now. Hayleigh has a friend over right now. Kodi... is at tennis practice and then straight to soccer practice. Well, they can't all have friends over at the same time! :)

Me? I'm beginning to think I have my plate full. I'm involved with two of the PTO's - president of one. I'm helping with concessions at the middle school (part of my PTO responsibilities) - not as much as I was last year though. I'm still involved with Girl Scouts - we're starting our candy and nut sale later this month. And now I'm also on the AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) board in our region and helping them with concessions during the games. There are benefits though. I get to spend time with my kids, watching them have fun. Earlier this week I helped at Hayleigh's school with pictures. I even got free pictures out of it - nice benefit for a few hours of my time.

I love having my own house and my own computer back!! I'm in heaven - except for cleaning and organizing, that's my personal bad place. :)

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prinzis4 said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts :-)