Thursday, September 17, 2009

Concerts and Soccer

That's what today is... concerts for the girls and soccer for my son. Both of the girls went to a "Boys Like Girls" concert. Both were invited at different times and with different friends, so they both ended up going. This is Hayleigh's first concert. My first concert was when I was 16 and it was Garth Brooks. Funny how different it is than when I was their age.

My son had soccer practice. Not so good. When he got on the field he just stood there. His regular coach wasn't there so the assistant coach was doing the practice. So when he was just standing there a couple of the boys kept getting in his face - literally. Finally after the third time of getting in his face he acted like he was going to bite them. So SNAP! His coach didn't like that. She came off the field to get me because, God Forbid!, he snapped at one of the boys who got in his face. She even said it - the boy got in Deklan's face. Anyway, I took him off the field and we went to Sonic. He and I got to sit outside and have some ice cream and just chill. So I'm irritated with the coach - she never did get on to the other boys either. Whatever! I'll get over it.

Then to top it off I'm having phone problems. Actually, I didn't get my bill paid so they suspended my service. My mom paid the bill for me because she has a credit card - I don't. And she worries when I don't have phone service (no land lines in my house). Only phone service says they never received the payment and Capital One says the card was charged with 4 payments!! So, I still don't have phone service and my mother is being charged four times the amount we owe. And.. it's going to take at least 24 hours for phone service to figure out where our payment is with them. Hopefully we have phone service tomorrow. I use the text messaging to keep in contact with my girls after school since they ride their bikes. I also normally call my mom like three or four times in a day. I'm having phone withdrawals!! That's why I'm cranky. :)

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