Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another update

I know it's been awhile, but it's been a busy summer. Ok - maybe not busy, but definitely CRAZY!! Our situation. Technically still homeless. We're still staying in a "by the week" motel. It's really not that bad. Deklan gets a little stir crazy sometimes and it's been way too hot to keep going all the time, especially since we have to take the dog with us. Poor baby, she just gets so hot.

Hayleigh went to camp - twice already. Her first camp was pedals and paddles. She got a lot of mountain biking and water sports during that camp. Her second camp was "CSI" and they learned some forensics stuff. She got to put her foot in the mud and then use plaster of paris to make a mold of it. She learned about a centrifuge - they experimented with toothpaste. It sounded pretty cool. I probably would have loved that camp. Kodi came home from Nana's. She really missed me, although with her attitude who can tell? :)

We went to my brother's for the 4th of July - Always a neighborhood thing and a lot of fun. We're actually only a few blocks from him so the girls spent a couple of nights with him. We also finally got to do the Christmas thing for the kids. Deklan got a Transformer, a radio controlled helicopter, and some really cool spy gear. Hayleigh got 6 Nintendo DS games - she's in electronic heaven.
And Kodi? Well, she only had one thing on her list. Guess what I'm using to blog on? That's right - a personal laptop. I should have asked for one too! :) Actually Chuck and I got money (always a plus), and I got a card reader for my computer. I'm really happy - happier if I can get my own computer hooked up. Which may be soon - bringing me to my next paragraph...

We put a contract in on a house today. It's really cute. Want to see?

The contract has to be accepted still so we'll see. But the really good news is that - even though the closing won't be until the middle of August - we may get to move in and rent the place until closing. Yay!! I'll keep you posted.

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mommy~dearest said...

That is a really cute house! Fingers crossed for you!