Monday, June 22, 2009


Still homeless. But it's ok. We're trusting God to lead us to the place (home) we need to be. My faith is growing stronger each day and I know that he will continue to keep my family safe.

I rearranged some appointments a couple of weeks ago and just took off for my mom's. Always a safe place when the world is overwhelming. :) Chuck had to stay because of his work. Thank God he still has a job. We went up on Monday afternoon and then 3 of us came back the following Thursday. Kodi stayed with Nana. Her schedule was clear for the next couple of weeks and it made sense for the moment. She kept the dog with her too. That way I don't have to take Riley with us in the 100 degree weather. Hayleigh had to get her glasses lens put in - no more eye shield until her next surgery. She started camp this morning. Deklan doesn't have anything scheduled until next week and then he has a couple of doctor appointments. But, I know that Nana cannot handle him so he had to come with mommy. We'll go back on July 1st and bring her home on the 3rd. We have plans with my brother on the fourth. I'm actually at his house right now borrowing his internet. :) I'm going to be talking to someone tomorrow about some housing - please pray that goes well. We found a cheap (cheap being the operative word here) that we can stay in and pay for by the week.

Pause here for a message from Deklan. I swear I did NOT coach him! He did all the typing and spelling himself.

mom is the best!

And now back to our regular blog...

So we're definitely surviving. Like I said, trusting God to take care of us.

I'm concerned about Deklan though. This no schedule/no permanent home thing is really starting to affect him. He's getting more aggressive - even hitting me. I'll be discussing this with the doctor next week. We may need to medicate him. I hate to do that, but I'm not really sure what else to do. Just keep us in your prayers.

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