Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the ??!!!

They want to change Deklan's diagnosis to PDD-NOS. They said that he's too high functioning to be autistic, but doesn't score high enough to be asperger's either. Ugh!! He had one set of tests today and goes back Tuesday for another two hours.


mommy~dearest said...

For what it's worth, what's it worth? ;)

My son's official diagnosis is PDD-NOS. In a nutshell, all it means, is he has Atypical Autism.

Some people differenciate between HFA and PDD-NOS, others do not. Some think it's on the spectrum, others want it separated out like Aspergers. The only place it should matter is in school. As far as I'm aware (and maybe it's different between school districts? I honestly don't know), is there is no "qualification" for PDD-NOS, so if you want him to have services at school, you have to be sure they will acknowledge an Autism diagnosis for school purposes.

Other than that, you say toMAYto, I say toMAHto. Actually, I say tomMAYto too, but hey it was for the sake of argument. Haha.

Marshella said...

Haha. Thanks for the insight. I guess the new diagnosis does freak me out a little because I don't know a whole lot about it. The psychologist he saw yesterday for his first set of tests said, basically, that PDD-NOS is not really autism and he's not on the spectrum. (?) I am concerned with the school district because I don't think they recognize PDD like they do autism. But, I could be wrong... and since they've dealt with lil D since kindergarten, I'm sure they understand. Thanks again!