Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you hear that?

It's the sound of peace and quiet in my home. No, I didn't gag the munchkins and put them in the bathroom with the door closed. Uncle took ALL three kids bowling. Now, I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet time - just Riley (the dog) and me.

School starts back tomorrow for my two elementary kids and Wednesday for my middle schooler. Seems early to me, but what do I know? Anyway, we went school shopping last week. It sucked. After paying bills, and keeping out just enough for gas, we had $40 left over - to get us through 2 weeks! I spent $30 on school supplies and didn't even get everything on the lists. I couldn't get D a new backpack or shoes. K didn't get the calculator she needs for math. H didn't get the flexi-file she needs. And no one got loose leaf paper, among other things. I just couldn't afford it. And we're closing on the house on the 20th, if all goes well. Hopefully money issues will not be as bad once we have a place of our own. Expenses right now are mostly gas because we've had to make quite a few cross town trips - I'll be driving them cross town for school too, so that keeps adding up. Plus we have only a dorm size frig and no stove so the cost of food is hurting too because we have to buy for the moment. D was very good about not getting the shoes - he already had a pair of Ben 10 shoes picked out. Not even a melt down, thank God. I have a friend that is going to give D a Superman backpack that her son doesn't use anymore and a pair of tennis shoes that he doesn't need. I think the shoes are size 3 and D wears 2, but that's ok - we'll make it work. Mom is sending him some birthday money to buy shoes with next week.

D's birthday is on the 19th. He wants to have a party at the park. I told him that once school started I would send out invitations and have the party the Saturday after his birthday. He was cool with that. Cake and ice cream - no snacks - should be plenty if I have the party around 1:30. Lunch will be over so kids should be full - I hope. :)

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