Thursday, May 22, 2008

School's out, School's out, Teachers let the monkeys out!

I can't remember the rest. Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids. I now have a 6th grader, a 4th grader, and a 1st grader. Where does the time go? We've had a busy month, but I'll try to catch up on everything.

Being the room mom for my son's class I wanted to do something special for the parents this year. I always worked when my girls were little and really missed a lot of things in their first years of school. Hayleigh's kindergarten teacher put together a little scrapbook for the kids and I thought that was really cool. I thought, "How hard can it be? I'll do the same for my son's class." Unfortunately, I'm a huge procrastinator and waited until this last month to really work hard on them. I had pictures printed up from different activities they've done, put the pages together, laminated the pages, and prepared to bind them. The laminated sheets were too thick for my binding machine - figures! Plan B - 3-hole punch them and put them into folders. Not a bad plan unless, of course, the laminated pages are too big for the hole puncher and have to be trimmed down on each side. Let's see, there are approximately 11 pages per book (give/take a couple on some) and 18 in the class including the teacher, so that means trimming down nearly 200 pages - individually. Ok - here we go... now they've been trimmed and we're punching holes in them. Again, not a bad plan unless... after the first couple of dozen your page gets stuck and won't come loose from the hole punch. This requires a trip to the store to exchange the puncher and re-doing the page that got torn up. OK - here we go again... mind you, I'm punching nearly 200 pages INDIVIDUALLY because of the thickness. I'm down to the next to last day of school and didn't get finished cutting and punching til nearly 11:30. I put about six into the folders, realizing how difficult it is and how they really BARELY fit the folders but it's too late now to really change things. When I finally quit about midnight I still had several to put into folders but that was ok because it was almost over. I even took my extra pictures and sorted them out and sent home to the mothers in case they keep memory books too. Then I thought, so it's not perfect but who cares? I volunteered to do this and only the teacher (who's been helping provide pictures to me) and myself know that I'm doing this. The parents will probably just be happy to even have anything from their kid's kindergarten year - especially those who work like I did when my girls were that age. I took them to school and handed them out to the kids. And you know what? I no longer cared what the parents thought because the kids absolutely loved them!

(Time out here for life with the kids)
(Ok, time in several hours later)

My girls are "girl-fighting" right now. They turn their heads away from each other, flail their hands and smack at each other, until one yells "Ow, I broke a nail!" They're just playing of course. Now Hayleigh is on top of Kodi and Kodi is laughing so hard she's snorting like a pig. We're having fun now! LOL

Back to the past month...
We had field days - days because two of my kids go to one school and the third goes to a different school. Next year they'll all be in 3 different schools. Anyway, on the first field day (and I only did the afternoons because of Deklan being home in the mornings) it was a beautiful day. Sunny but a bit cool and breezy; sunblock did not even enter my mind because it was so cool. I burned to a crisp. The next day was overcast and hot. I used sun block the second day. I burned some more - especially my forehead (no bangs to protect). The kids had fun though. That was Monday and Tuesday (12th & 13th). Wednesday was great - other than being burned. I went and worked out at the gym; I took my daughter to her monthly doctor's appointment (ADHD). Thursday I woke up and could barely walk. My back and hip hurt so bad. Every time I took a step I had a jarring pain in my lower back. I had a throbbing pain from the lower back all the way down to my leg right above the back of my knee. I don't have medical insurance right now so, no, I did not go to the doctor. Friday, barely walking.

Did I mention I'm co-leader of my daughter's Girl Scout troop? Guess when their surprise outing was? Yep, Saturday. We went to one of those sports entertainment type places - mini golf, go-carts, laser tag, bowling, and all kinds of video games in between. I half limped, half dragged my foot. Real fun. Sunday I had to go to the store - I try to go on Sunday afternoon because I know by then what I need for the week - milk, bread, etc. Kodi went with me. She thought it was a riot the way I was walking. Igore, I believe is what she called me, and she even mimicked the way I walked. How dare she! LOL

By Sunday evening I could barely walk again. As a stay-at-home mom I sometimes get the last minute chances to volunteer at the schools. I.E. we just realized we're short volunteers and since you don't really have a job... Anyway, for Monday I had already volunteered my services at the school to help with inflatables that they brought in for the kids. Inflatables being the large castle that you jump in, large inflatable slide, and an inflatable obstacle course with a slide at the end. Anyway, my job was to stand and tell the kids when it was their turn to go into the obstacle course. It was only an hour and a half so I don't know why I'm complaining. :) Anyway, it wasn't until yesterday that I could actually walk without too much of a limp.

So, in May I had to finish 18 scrapbooks, couldn't walk for nearly a week, volunteered several days at the kids' schools, took the GS troop on an outing. What else? Oh yes, helped the GS troop with a dinner that they put on for all the parents, went to my daughter's chimes recital (twice - once during the day and once in evening), was voted in as VP of the PTA at the middle school where Kodi will be in 6th grade, and became an AVON rep. Not to mention that Monday I'll be taking the kids to my mom's in Oklahoma for a couple of weeks. Wow, I was busy - I'll use all this as an excuse for my house being extremely neglected. Now that's funny - my house always looks neglected. :)

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